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The Panerai Luminor Replica Watches Tourbillon sounds amazing on paper. The Seduttori watches were only available with quartz movements when they launched last year. Bulgari has now brought back the Seduttori with a mechanical and manual-winding Tourbillon movements. Bulgari claims that this is the smallest ladies tourbillon available.

Let's take a moment to discuss what makes Panerai Luminor Replica Watches Tourbillon such a classic collection.

Panerai Luminor watches were introduced in 1948,Panerai Luminor Replica Watches after World War II. The brand's Tubogas watch featured a polished gold coil with a working watch. This was a practical and acceptable ornamentation during the post-war period.

The Panerai Luminor Collection has evolved and shed skin numerous times since then. The serpent-shaped watch, with its coiled bracelet, has been reinvented many times, but it always comes back, more attractive, bolder, and fresher than before.

The Panerai Luminor evolved from its abstract origins to a more naturalistic form. The serpent-shaped heads that we now embrace were first introduced in 1950s versions. They featured a hinged lid under which Jaeger LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, or Piaget watch movements could be found.

In the following decades, it became more and more extravagant. The Richard Mille Replica Watches has evolved over the years, from the La Dolce Vita of the 1960s to the logomania of the 1980s and the transition into high-end jewellery in the 2000s.

Panerai Luminor have grown in recent years. Bulgari introduced the Panerai Luminor Incantati in 2016, a radical departure from the snake coil. The serpent's body was wrapped around the bezel of the round watch with its head resting on its tail. This was the first mechanical movement to be brought back in the Panerai Luminor Incantati collection for over 30 years. This was a hugely important move for me, as it showed that women are no longer only interested in gemstones but also want complexity in their watch.

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